Digital Gift Card


Finer Details

  • Treat yourself or a family member with a Van Der Hout Jewelry Digital Gift Card
  • This e-gift card can be used toward any VDH product
  • Once the gift card is purchased, you will be emailed a digital code. This code can then be forwarded to the gift card recipient
  • Gift card does not expire
  • Redeemable only in currency it is issued in
  • PLEASE NOTE: This product is not eligible for any discounts or promotional codes. If you have trouble placing your order, please email us at

A statement about our quality

VDH only creates designs using solid gold and genuine gemstones. Period. So, rest assured every piece you purchase, every time you buy, every design you choose is guaranteed to be of the utmost quality—genuine, authentic and true. We’ll always stand behind our work and do everything we can to ensure you’re as happy with your decision as we intend you to be. Anyone can be proud of quality. But not everyone demands it, nor do they guarantee it. 

We do. Of that you can be sure.

If you have any questions about our process, our sources or any of our designs, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 


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